5 Free CDN To Increase Website Speed 

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If you are looking for a free cdn then please read this full post.

Site loading speed is one of the known factors for search engine rankings. There are many techniques to speed up site loading speed like optimizing images, optimizing database, using cache plugins and by using a content delivery network [CDN].

What is a CDN Or Content Delivery Network?

Let me explain you in simple words.

The hosting that we bloggers use have different data centers. For example: I am using hostgator shared hosting and I am using  data center in Houston, Texas.

When a person opens my site their request goes to data center in Texas and files from data center loads onto user’s browser.

So, the person living in Texas will experience more speed that person living in India.

Now a CDN has different data centers in different locations. When we use CDN on our site the data is transferred from the nearest data center of the CDN you are using.

How CDN works

Cloudflare CDN

So now that you know why you should start using CDN, you will start looking for the best ones out there. You have no need to look any further as below is a complete list of some of the best CDN services blog that are absolutely free to use.

Free CDN services

1. Cloudflare

Free CDN

Cloudflare CDN

Cloudflare is the biggest player in the industry from 2009. The features cloudflare offers are just unbeatable, Cloudflare take cares about security and performance very well.
In November 2014, CloudFlare reported a new record for the largest ever recorded DDoS attack with independent media sites being targeted at 500 Gbit/s. It is also considered as best cdn for wordpress.

Cloudflare has a lifetime free plan that gives your website a protection and performance boost.

2. Incapsula

Free CDN for wordpress

Incapsula CDN

Incapsula is acloud-based application delivery platform. It uses a global content delivery network to provide web application security, DDoS mitigation, content caching, application delivery, load balancing and failover services.They offers premium as well as free plans for your websites.

3. SwarmCDN

Swarn free cdn

Swarm CDN

This service is relatively new compared to the others in the list but since it offers a free plan with 250 GB of free transfer.

If you are truly looking for a CDN service, you need to try out SwarmCDN as it offers a free transfer and is also available in around 196 countries worldwide.

4. Coral CDN

Coral free cdn

Coral CDN

Coral CDN is a P2P (peer-to-peer) based content delivery network and a project from MIT. The service is free of cost because since it relies on the P2P network, billions of computers are connected across the world, making it absolutely free.

5. jsDelivr

Js delivr free cdn plugin

Jsdelivr CDN

jsDelivr is a free public CDN that hosts javascript libraries and jQuery plugins, including all of the files they need to work (css/png).

It even hosts javascript files that use popular WordPress plugins. The most important use of jsDelivr is when you use some custom JavaScript code on your site, and you have to host it. If that’s the case, you need to use the service and also install the free WordPress CDN plugin on your blog.

Some cheap CDN services that you can buy:

    • Amazon Cloudfront: Amazon CloudFront provides cloud computing, database and storage. Amazon costs $0.075 per 10,000 HTTP requests and $0.0100 per 10,000 HTTPS requests.They are currently offering 1 year free tier, that mean you can use Cloudfront for free of cost for 1 year.
    • MaxCDN: Max CDN is one of the popular CDN’S in the market. It is priced at 2.9 cents for a GB and it takes $39.95 annually for 1000GB. 
    • KeyCDN:Key CDN charges you by pay-as-you-go price model. Key CDN have the lowest price globally at $0.04/GB,free origin shield,free SSL,free secure token, and much more features. They are also one of the 1st CDN to launch HTTP/2 support.
    • Cachefly: CacheFly is #1 CDN inwebsite comparison of 24 CDN’s for efficiency. The custom plan of CacheFly costs $0.03 / GB and a risk free trial is provided for 30 days. 
    • SoftlayerIt provides 250GB bandwidth for $45.00 and pay as you go starts at ($0.20 per/GB). It is recommended for good service and reliability.



Content Delivery Network are used world widely for speeding up website.

If your website attracts around 100K to 200K Unique Visitors per month, then you should go with a free CDN. But as soon as your site start getting lots of visitors than you should move to some paid cdn options. I will surely write a post about top paid cdn.

I will keep updating this post as soon as some new free cdn comes into market.

So, I hope you love the article, and so don’t forget to share it with your blogger friends. Also let me know in the comments section if something is going in your mind.



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