How To Get Extra Discount On Godaddy Domains

Howdy Noobsblog Readers,

3 Days ago I thought that i should start a new website on Men’s fashion as it is very popular today. So I visited Godaddy for buying a new domain I just searched for some domains and came up with one i liked. I checked the price, it was too expensive for me to buy it, then i searched some coupons site thinking there might be a coupon that will save my money but no result came up.

And I think that you all are also facing the same problem while buying a domain. So today I came up with a new trick by which you will get extra discount from godaddy only without visiting any coupons site.

Follow the below steps to get extra discount from Godaddy:

  • Firstly go to Godaddy official website and login to your account.
  • Then search for your preffered domains and the select the one you like the most ( as for a newbie it’s a great investment.)
  • Add the domain in your cart and leave it for three to five days.

Now you will recieve E-mails from Godaddy which will be about your domain saying,” I recently saw that you added a domain in your cart and haven’t bought it and blah! blah! blah!” with a discount coupon below it. Like this screenshot:

The value of discount will be upto Godaddy. They might give you 20% or 30% discount. As of mine I got 35% discount coupon( you might get more than that).

Lets assume a domain is costing you 1000 rupees or 15 dollar and Goaddy is giving us 35% discount on that so 35% of 1000= 350 rupees or 5 dollar. It means that we are saving 5 dollar just for waiting 3 days I think that might not be bad deal.


I have tried this trick on almost every domain and hosting selling website. And I got discount emails from almost every site. They all are offering nice discounts. So if you are trying to start a new website and looking for cheap domain buy it from Godaddy at cheap rates by using our trick. I will soon make a part 2 of this post and will give you some more tricks regarding discounts. So keep visiting my blog and keep smiling.

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