How To Enable Cloudflare Free ssl In WordPress?

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As we know that Google ranks the sites higher that uses https instead of http. Because https provides security to both website and users. But ssl certificates are not cheap they costs around 10$ to 50$ that’s too much cost for new bloggers like you and me too. But there are companies which provides free ssl certificate. One such company is clodflare. So today I am gonna be writing on how to enable clodflare free ssl certificate in wordpress.

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So you will need three things for this whole procedure:

  • Clodflare WordPress Plugin
  • Really simple ssl Plugin.

Here is the full procedure for enabling free ssl on your wordpress site:

  • Login to your wordpress dashboard.
  • Go to plugins section and add cloudflare official plugin or you can download it from here.
  • Now goto to cloudflare plugin in settings section, it will ask you to enter your cloudflare e-mail and api key.
  • You can get api key by logging into your clodflare account and click on get your api key.

  • Now after clicking on get your api key you will see two options:

1. Global Api key

2. Origin Api key

So click on Global Api Key and copy your key and paste it in Api box in Cloudflare plugin.

  • Now after logging into  plugin you will  interface like this.

  • Now click on Settings option. And enable Automatic Https Redirect option.

  • Now open really simple ssl plugin option in wordpress setting option. And Click on enable ssl button.

Now our wordpress part is over. So now you have to login in cloudflare website.

  • Now after logging in your account goto CRYPTO tab. And set ssl option to flexible.

  • Now goto page rules section in cloudflare and click on add a page rule section and add this page rule.


Note: Change with your website name.

  • Now change setting to Always Use Https and click on Save and Deploy option.

Cloudflare ssl page rule

Voila Now you have successfully enabled ssl on your website.

Now check that your website is now running on https.

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